Massage at The Mona Leeza Spa
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Massage Therapy

Massage is a healing art. It helps to stimulate circulation and improve blood flow eliminating toxins and bringing nutrients to the site. Regular massage is extremely helpful if you are under stress.

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The Mona Leeza Massage
A full body massage to relax tense muscles and reduce stress.

55 minutes 70

85 minutes                                                           100

Deep Tissue
Firm pressure and kneading movements help to relieve stressed muscle areas.

55 minutes 80

85 minutes                                                          110

Stone Therapy
Heated stones are incorporated for more intense penetration of the muscles and deeper relaxation.

55 minutes 85

85 minutes                                                          115

Specifically designed for pregnant women to relieve stress and muscle strain for their continually changing body.

55 minutes 70

Heated Stone Foot Massage
Dissolve muscle tension as warmth from heated stones massage the legs and feet for an incredibly relaxing experience

25 munutes                                                            35